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Our aim is to enhance Redbourn. What we do is enjoyable and effective. 

We are a friendly local Society with an active Social side.  Our membership is 180 households which, with up to two names per household, accounts for some 250 people or around 5% of Redbourn’s population.  Apply now to get in under the 200 households mark !  Contribute your ideas and you can always help whether or not you are already a member.


A good flower display lifts everyone’s spirits and Redbourn currently holds a second successive ‘Gold’ standard Award by Anglia in Bloom not just for its public flowers but also for many related activities.

For Membership and our Yearly Story - see Why Join and What we do.                                                                

For our Annual programme – see Diary of Events

For Information and Gardening tips – see Newsletter

For more Pictures – see Gallery

We also have a ‘blog’ page for our gardening comments - see Greenfingers' Blog


Named in recognition of Vic Henry's 'perfect' garden, the first award of our new Cup for an horticultural, gardening or environmental achievement has been to MAXINE KERRY for her first negotiating all necessary consents and then creating the new shrub bed on waste ground in Lynsey Close, Redbourn.

If you know someone else who you think would deserve its next award please make that known to us via the email address below.

See also our LOCAL AWARDS under 'What we do'.

NEXT MAIN EVENTS  For more details of these and other events please see our Diary and What we do :-


Free Schedules NOW AVAILABLE at Weymans (Post Office), Arrangements, Herts Garden Centre and The Library.


AGM - Mon. 17th SEPTEMBER - 8pm St. Mary's Transept Hall

CRAFT FAIR - 27th & 28th OCTOBER - Village Hall  

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