March / April / May

At last - some sunshine !

The lawn and the first (longish) cut with an overhauled mower and its re-sharpened blade.  I've also had Peter Taylor of Townsend Nursery in to blacken the moss as a first stage to improving my lawn for the first time in 4 years, prior to scarifying, weeding and, some, re-seeding.

Shrubs. In the Winter winds my two choisyas both suffered big splits low down on major stems. The resulting cut back to below the splits in January seems to have exposed the heart of the plants to the frosts so they both look very poorly now. Maybe it is a lesson to cut back much earlier - in early Autumn or even shortly after flowering - if they look likely to be vulnerable to Winter wind pressures.

The early succession of aconites, snowdrops, crocus and chionodoxa have each been lovely and will now be left to die down naturally. The yellow of daffodills and forsythia has taken over and the bluebells and tulips are well on the way towards flowering.

The immediate task is to finish the re-ordering and clearing out / lifting and dividing of my herbaceous / perennial border plants and to prepare and start planting some vegetables and fruit - raspberries are the main aim.

My magnolia is a late flowerer but it does seem to be recovering from its major reduction last year with many of the (reduced and thinned out) 'water shoots' now showing flowers developing on them well - fingers crossed !